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LinkedIn Messages
4 Nov 2016

5 LinkedIn Messages that Work

LinkedIn messages will be a big factor in the success you get from LinkedIn is down to the types of messages you use in certain situations. Below is a selection of LinkedIn messages in different situations that have and still do work very well for me, they will for you too.

LinkedIn Message 1: Requesting an introduction

LinkedIn provides the opportunity for introductions to select which 1st line connection you want to ask, go for the one you know best, if you don’t know any of them well this is still worth trying as it is all quite speculative at this stage.

Below is a formula that works well when requesting introductions

LinkedIn Messages
LinkedIn Message 2: Responding to Introductions

Introduction requests are usually simply forwarded to the contact by your 1st line connection. Your next steps is to send a simple message.

Take them by surprise and ask permission – below is a formula that works well

LinkedIn Messages

For more information in this type of message check out my last article Greatest LinkedIn Sales Message Ever

LinkedIn Message 3: Taking an easy first step

Once a connection is made it is temping to sending a pitch about your services. Avoid this it doesn’t work and its just plain rude. Keep your message short with a nice clear offer of mutual help

Easy first step – below is a formula that works well

LinkedIn Messages
LinkedIn Message 4: Engagement Message

At some point it is worth highlighting how you can help your new contact – wait 5-7 days after connect to make an approach – you goal is to build engagement nothing else! So no selling!!!

Review the contacts profile and look for information you can use to build a personal and value driven approach for example:


Emotional – People by on emotion first look for information their profile that you can relate to For example “I share your passion for engineering”


Challenges – Look at the size of their team | business and mention other people who you have helped with a similar background


Interests – Again this could be more emotional – good profiles provide plenty of information on personal business and social interests

Make it about them – below is a formula that works well

LinkedIn Messages
LinkedIn Message 5: Handling Invites from strangers

This last LinkedIn message is so simple but it works great when people you don’t know send you an invitation. My advice is connect with them then ask them why they sent you the invitation – but don’t word it like that as its sounds quite confrontational.


Accept their invitation request (you can always remove them later)


After connect is made send them a message immediately.

The message below is a great way to ask why they want to connect with you

LinkedIn Messages

You will nearly always get a response – if you don’t – you can simply remove the connection form your network.

I hope these LinkedIn messages work as well for you as they do for me. If you are looking to get some help with your LinkedIn profile do also check out my post Great LinkedIn Profiles

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