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“My passion and commitment is give you my LinkedIn prospecting and sales techniques that you can use for the next 10–years”

Adam Petford

If Any Of the Following Is Familiar I am Here to Help you!


I have tried to avoid LinkedIn until now  – I just don’t get how it will help me get more sales


I have never got any business from LinkedIn. Just loads of people pitching at me!


LinkedIn like most things technical is a mystery to me and i don’t know where to start

My Favorite Inspirational Quotes Are:

H. Jackson Brown, Jr

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Zig Ziglar

“Timid Salesman Have Skinny Kids”

Henry Ford

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”.

I used to be a “Very” Average salesman! – My story

Before I discovered LinkedIn, I was an average salesman – who had good months and bad months – the truth was I never knew where my next sale was coming from – I was not able to generate my own opportunities – I needed a lead or a lucky break first – it was always stressful!

It was about 7-years also when I was having one of my worse times in sales – no leads, no nothing – my job was to break into big telecom companies and I was getting nowhere, I’ve never been fired from a sales job but I was close!

Out of desperation I logged onto LinkedIn and looked around and noticed the Advanced Search which looked like the search feature on our CRM system – but much better!

Because I could search the whole LinkedIn database for contacts in real time using factors like: Job title, Company name, Location, Industry, Keywords

Vodafone for me was a nightmare I tried to cold call every contact I had on our database but most of the time I just got gatekeepers, or voicemail. No one in the company wanted to give me any information.

So, I tried putting Vodafone in the company section and run a search – what I got back was a list of all the employees


Then I added in “sales director” what I got back was information I had been trying to get for the past 6 months! Names, job titles and better then that LinkedIn was told me things we had in common such as mutual connections

To my amazement a supplier I knew well was also connected to one of the top directors – I picked up the phone and asked him if he could give me an introduction – he did, I made the connection, and sent a message that read something like

“thank you for accepting my invitation, I always try to speak with every new connection please do let me know a good time to call”

Sent it off and 10 mins later I got an email back saying

“Hi Adam here’s my mobile number can you call me in 10mins!”

Hang one I thought what’s just happened here

LinkedIn has just given me the opportunity to talk to a big decision maker, even better I had their profile to read through first and prepare some questions

I had a great call and made some real progress with an account I had given up on

I then realised LinkedIn was the perfect tool for:

  • Finding people, you can help
  • Giving some evidence of real value
  • Making the right approach

When you can do that consistently, you can break down barriers, build enough trust to ask great questions that uncover the problems that matter.

And thats easier than you think because

Humans like to talk about themselves and when they feel comfortable enough they love talking about their problems even more!

When you know problems, you can find solutions

When you understand LinkedIn, you will have a tool that will help you engage any person in any industry any time it – is that good

I know because I’ve used LinkedIn to make 100’s of sales in the UK, America and Australia and I haven’t make a cold call in years!

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