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Free LinkedIn Training

Free LinkedIn Training Online Programme

  • Create a LinkedIn Profile that gets NOTICED
  • Use the right KEYWORDS
  • Position yourself to ENGAGE your Target Market
  • Learn my LinkedIn SECRETS for FREE!

LinkedIn really can be the KEY to your success. Sign up now for my FREE LinkedIn Online Training programme

Discover just how easy and effective finding, connecting and engaging your most coveted prospects can really be


In this first section, I start with my own LinkedIn success story and why I believe LinkedIn really is THE best Sales tool every created. I also run through the biggest mistakes people make with LinkedIn and what you really need to be successful..


In this section, I’ll teach you the key things you need to know to build a successful LinkedIn network. We will go through a step-by-step process to develop your network and to successfully manage all your connections in a very time efficient and simple way..


Section 3 > Introduction to LinkedIn Network Building

In this section, you will get an Introduction into how to Build a Successful LinkedIn network.


Section 4 > Introduction to LinkedIn Engagement Tactics

In this section, you will get an Introduction into how to Engage on LinkedIn and win new business.



Free LinkedIn Training - What People Are Saying

“Adam, thank you for your input during the last 3 training sessions, the content was clear, valuable, interesting and will help me to grow my business , I would recommend anyone to invest their time with Adam and they will learn how to leverage linked to build their business. I arranged a new meeting with an amazing prospect using the methods that Adam recommended between the 1st and second training session. Do not hesitate you will not regret this !!! “

Nigel Woods, Financial Advisor & Business Owner

“Adam is a great coach with a passion & expert knowledge of the power of LinkedIn. Following my training sessions I feel I can achieve far better results for the time and effort I invest in LinkedIn. The training I have enjoyed goes far beyond knowledge of the basic functionality the platform affords. I am very confident in recommending Adam’s coaching to other committed and determined business professionals ” 

Mark Butterfield, Director, The Chauffeur Group Ltd

“The training provided by Adam has enabled me to utilise the full potential of LinkedIn as a marketing tool. He delivered the training remotely which is as good as being in a classroom environment or meeting room. I have already recommended his services to other business colleagues and would definitely recommend in the future ” 

Alberto Rossi, Managing Director, ERP Training Limited

Free LinkedIn Training - Frequently Asked Questions

How relevant was the subject matter and course content for lead generation?

“Very relevant. Although I am a complete Newbie to LinkedIn so am starting from scratch, unlike most of the other attendees on the course. – building my profile etc. I am sure that this course has saved me a lot of time in knowing the best way to create my profile giving me a solid foundation to maximise the benefits of LinkedIn and take my business to a whole new level.”
“Very relevant as I was looking at the process of engagement and how that processed worked.”

Was the content arranged in a clear and logical way?

“It was very clear and staggered well into the 3 sessions, giving me the opportunity to go away and implement what I learnt, which in turn enabled the information and processes to sink in.”

Did the sessions cover the content you were expecting?

“Yes it covered what I was expecting by giving me the fundamentals of where things are and how they are used for example the Advance Search. The process and tone of how to engage 2nd connections.”
“Yes very useful thanks!”
“Yes. It has given me a good insight into using LinkedIn and the value of it for building and growing my network.”

Can I access the training content anywhere on any device?

Your training programme is available from any internet enabled device any where any time



Section 11.0 LinkedIn Introduction
Section 22.0 LinkedIn Profile & PositioningFree Preview

2.1 LinkedIn Profile Elements


2.2 Find Your Keywords


2.3 Profile Picture

2.4 Professional Headline


2.5 LinkedIn Summary


2.6 Skills & Endorsements



2.7 Experience



2.8 Education



2.9 Interests



2.10 Advice for Contacting



2.11 The Other Sections


2.12 Contact Details



2.13 Creating Your Profile in Another Language



2.14 Privacy Settings



2.15 View My Profile Button



2.16 Recommendations



2.17 Adding Content



2.18 Profile Summary

Section 33.0 LinkedIn Network Building
Section 44.0 LinkedIn Engagement Tactics