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3 Nov 2016

Great LinkedIn Profiles

Great LinkedIn Profiles the road starts here!

Great LinkedIn Profiles – I would argue that your LinkedIn Profile is right at the top in terms of importance when it comes to lead generation, marketing and general business development. WHY? its very often the first thing potential customer and clients will find when looking for you online. Try it right now! google your name.

The simple truth is most LinkedIn profiles DON’T provide the information people are really looking for – WHY? – Because they read like CVs!

How interesting are CV’s And how much do they tell you about the person?

If you want people to engage you on LinkedIn you profile must make people want to talk with you. Here are my tips on creating Great LinkedIn Profiles 

Get Your Strategy Right First – Ask Yourself The Following?

What will the people who you want to engage think of when they first look at your LinkedIn profile? Correct positioning is Key because:

  • People only really care about themselves – when they look at your profile all they will think is whats in it for me?
  • No one (apart from your mum) will be intrinsically interested in you (unless they can see value)
  • People are too busy, stressed and focused on their own tasks to stop and take the time to study your profile in detail
Your Profile Must Clearly Achieve The Following: (in this order)
  • Define clearly your value to the people you want to engage – Professional Headline
  • Position you as a person (people buy people before anything else) – Your Summary
  • Clearly state your services | what you can offer to your target market – Work Experience
  • Provide solid evidence of the value you have defined –Skills Expertise| Recommendation
Writing your headline (the statement just below you name)

What do people really get when they engage you? My headline is an example of focusing on what people get as a result of my services, after all not one really wants LinkedIn training at all they want more leads and business!


Great LinkedIn Profiles – Example of my Professional Headline
Great LinkedIn Profiles - Example

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Creating your LinkedIn profile summary

People buy people first and it’s WHY you do what you do that makes people buy into you not WHAT and HOW.

  • Apple – Make Computers – nothing special there loads of companies do (The WHAT)
  • Apple – Make Computers from Plastic – so does everyone else!(The HOW)
  • Apple – To make technology sexy – ooo that’s nice tell me more! (The WHY)

The WHY made Apple into the huge empire it is today and that’s what people brought into – what is your WHY? And what will make people buy into you?

Your LinkedIn Summary needs to focus on WHY drives you and WHY do choose the profession you are in. Your summary is not the place to list your services and product because no one will care about that until they buy into you!

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