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LinkedIn Sales Message
4 Nov 2016

The Greatest Ever LinkedIn Sales Message

Everyone knows LinkedIn is awash with sales messages! We have all been “pitched at” on LinkedIn numerous times. The companies and people who think they can simply copy and paste a generic LinkedIn sales message to every new connection they find in the hope that it might just “hit someone at the right time” are not doing so great on LinkedIn.

In this short article I what to show you a very simple LinkedIn Sales Message, and a LinkedIn Sales approach that REALLY does work.

The LinkedIn Sales Process – earning the “Right” to sell

To achieve any real success with using LinkedIn for Sales it is critically important to understand that LinkedIn is a tool for finding people and starting conversations’ LinkedIn is definitely NOT a tool for SELLING! As with all business generation it’s very important to first “earn the right” to provide a solution and not just fire across a pitch. (like in the 1990’s) No one is on LinkedIn to buy from you!

Making a basic human connection is the foundation and often the hardest part of any sales process. Once a connection is made a sales opportunity is often a very natural next step.

The good news is LinkedIn is THE greatest ever tool for “making that first human connection” with people and this is the LinkedIn sales message that WILL do it for you.

“Would you mind if I sent you over an invitation to join my network?”

Yes that’s it! Try it out and see what happens – I’ll tell you know what happens – you get a reply! And it works for ALL types of approaches – see the example below

LinkedIn Sales Message

The above message was a personal message sent to contact outside of my network via a group. This could have easily been an InMail it would have worked in the same way. If you want to learn more about how to send these messages and this approach check out my free LinkedIn Sales training video.

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Don’t try to connect directly to people you don’t know try this approach first – get a response then send your invitation. Once you get their permission to connect it is a lot easier to start the engagement process (because it’s always started!)

The Key Steps for Using LinkedIn for Sales:

Find the key people you want to engage using the Advanced search feature


Send them a message that includes “asking permission to connect” keep the message short


Invite, connect then engage – try this out today it works for sure

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