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How To Network On LinkedIn
3 Nov 2016

How To Network On LinkedIn

How to Network On LinkedIn  – Connections lead to opportunities.

It’s that simple – The key is to build your LinkedIn network strategically around your target markets and make full use of your Members, Advocates and Raving fans.

The first step should be to reconnect with the people you used to know including past Clients, and Colleagues. A great place to start would be that drawer of business cards you have.

Another great place to find old contacts is your email inbox. Turn it upside down and scan your inbox right from the start – you will find and remember people and opportunities you had forgotten about completely

It is very important that you personalise each invite you send especially if you only met them briefly and/or a while ago, as shown in the example below.

Great phrases to use with your invitation message

I’d like the opportunity to reconnect with you on LinkedIn – the word “reconnect” is much better then “Add” !


Other great words to use are: Invite, Reach out, Join – they say so much more

How To Network On LinkedIn

Always use the “We’ve done business together” option. Never connect as a friend position yourself in business


Select your latest job description from the dropdown menu. If you have multiple roles make sure you use the right one


Write your personal note – in this case I going through my old business cards

Keep Your Invite Message Short

LinkedIn does not give much space for connection invitations, so don’t try to sell or ask for anything in return for connecting.

You can use the Personal Message option once you are connected for longer messages.

How to Network On LinkedIn – Great example phrases to use

“I found your business card in my draw and remember we met a few years back at a business event. I would like the opportunity to reconnect with you.”

I was looking though my email contacts and noticed that we had not yet connected on LinkedIn. I would therefore like to invite you to join my network.

Great to find you on LinkedIn, it’s been a while since we last spoke. I would really like to invite you to join my network.”

After they have accepted your invitation

It is important that you follow up new connections with a personal message – make them feel you value them (it will pay for you)

An ideal message to send then, would contain something similar to the following –

“………. If I can help you with any introductions from people within my network please do let me know.”

A message like this will often provide the following response –

Thank you – likewise.”

You have now positioned yourself to ask for introductions and connections from their existing network in the future – How to Network On LinkedIn in a simple but effective way.

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