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LinkedIn Company Page
3 Nov 2016

LinkedIn Company Page Top Tips

A LinkedIn company page is a great way to promote yourself online as a business owner. You may already be showcasing yourself on LinkedIn via your personal profile, and this is undoubtedly a great way to attract the attention of potential new clients and customers. However, the importance of your company page should not be overlooked and will also require a certain amount of attention and optimisation in order to be successful. If you do not have a LinkedIn company page for your business then it is time to re-evaluate your social media strategy and create one.

LinkedIn is one of the best websites of the present day when it comes to driving high quality, relevant traffic to your business website. More than four million businesses already have a LinkedIn company page, with more popping up each day. This massive number easily demonstrates how many people are aware of the power of this social network when it comes to their business success.

What Are The Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Company Page?

A company page will allow you to easily inform your followers of current company news, developments and events. The page also provides you with a permanent platform to voice your thoughts on leadership, success and business strategy – to name just a few topics! LinkedIn company pages tend to rank quite well in the search engines, which could lead to greater visibility for your business as a whole. Lead generation is another big benefit of promoting your business in this way and can quickly lead to a boost in sales.

How Can You Create The Best LinkedIn Company Page?

When it comes to creating your company page on LinkedIn, you will first need to have a personal LinkedIn profile. Make sure your personal profile is complete, optimised and as professional looking as possible before you move onto the company page as people will likely click through to look at this. When you get to creating the company page, make sure you do not leave any information out. Do not overwhelm your future audience with too much information. However, you should make sure they know who you are, what you do and how you can be of some benefit to them. Make yourself stand out to capture and keep the attention of those visiting your page. Also, always include a link to your company website and specify your industry and location.

Keep your SEO strategy in mind when you are creating this page. Refer back to your keyword research to determine the best way to make use of this platform. Be sure to showcase your brand in the first few sentences as they will form the preview shown in the search results. Keyword research is a huge subject and there are so many applications out there to help you – one of my favorite free tools for finding keywords is ubersuggest check it out – its dead simple to use.

Always having an obvious call to action is essential. There is little point bringing people to your company page if there is no clear path onwards that benefits your business. Having an entire tab dedicated to your products or services is a great way to present what you have to offer. Visitors can then easily click through to your website for more information.

Setting up your LinkedIn company page is just one part of effectively marketing your business on LinkedIn. You should also consider posting your content on LinkedIn via the LinkedIn posts feature

These simple but effective tips should always be on your list of priorities when it comes to setting up your LinkedIn company page. Once achieved you can then move onto more specific techniques that will further maximise your social media efforts.

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