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LinkedIn for Business
4 Nov 2016

Getting LinkedIn for Business Success!

Using LinkedIn for business is one sure-fire way to boost your profits and expand your online presence. The way that business owners discover new business opportunities is continuing to change as online networking becomes more prevalent. The way in which social media, and more specifically LinkedIn, can help professionals to discover each other, as well as their customers and clients, is simple and extensive. This is now a concept that is leading marketing experts in exciting new directions. The term “LinkedIn for Business” covers a whole range of activities the two primary areas to get right first of all is your LinkedIn profile and then your work on your LinkedIn company page.  

Get Noticed on LinkedIn for Business Success

The process of reaching out to like-minded professionals and potential clients has never been easier or more straightforward. When using LinkedIn for business needs, it is possible to contact the press without having to go to the effort and expense of sending out a press release. Additionally, it is effortless to seek free expert advice within LinkedIn groups. It is also possible to generate endless leads without spending a single pound on marketing or advertising.

More than 90% of journalists use LinkedIn, which goes to show how the potential for getting noticed is massive. As you share your content and update your followers on new business developments, journalists are going to see this. This exposure is a great use of LinkedIn for business. You can easily get your company featured in a media publication without having to reach out directly to anyone from the press.

Present Yourself Before You Present Your Business

With the ever growing possibility of being able to obtain a large amount of information about a person online, so too grows the amount that people do so. When someone is considering doing business with your company, they will not only want information about the company, but also about you – the face behind the business. This means that your personal LinkedIn profile should always be paid just as much attention as your business profile. Make sure that your personal profile doesn’t read like a resume and keep it as interesting and varied as possible.

Connections lead to opportunities

Building your connections on LinkedIn  is another great way to utilise LinkedIn for business. But building these connections is not going to get you very far if you do not reach out to them and turn them into business leads. Spending just a couple of minutes each day looking for useful people to connect with, and then messaging to introduce yourself could quickly help you to build a huge collection of fresh leads. As you continue to interact with these people, both through private messages and public interactions, you will build your trust with this person and demonstrate your worth as a business connection. Also, be sure to connect with your existing customers and clients and follow up with them regularly.

Using LinkedIn for business is far from complicated and can yield great returns for your business and your profits. Within a day you can have a fantastic personal profile and business account up and running. The maintenance of these accounts can then be scheduled into your daily tasks. With a small amount of effort and endless possibilities in terms of the benefits to you, there is no reason not to give it a go!

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