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LinkedIn Headline Generator

Create You Own Powerful LinkedIn Headline with my FREE Tool
LinkedIn Headline Generator

LinkedIn Headline Generator – your next step


My tool may not be perfect but it will give you a start – a perfect LinkedIn headline needs to have the following

[Job title + your value + target market + keywords]

Once you are happy with your headline you can simply add it to your profile in the following way

Profile > Edit Profile



Why is your LinkedIn Headline so Important?

I would go as far to say it the most important 120 characters in all of your online lead generation for the following reasons:

Your LinkedIn Headline gives you positioning

If you have a strong headline which clearly defines your value to your target market you have positioning – everything else including your summary, work experience and recommendations can all support the main statement you make with your headline

What now after creating your LinkedIn Headline?

Don’t stop there why not give your LinkedIn profile a make over – check out my article on LinkedIn profile my biggest tip when writing your LinkedIn summary is to focus on “why” you do what you do not the “what” and the “how” this will humanise your profile making it personal to you. After all most people will know what you do and how you do it! but do they know why?

I hope you found my LinkedIn headline generator useful if so then please do share my little tool with your networks

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