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LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes
4 Nov 2016

LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes occur when there is not plan of action. Marketing is different to using LinkedIn as a Sales Tool. I personally believe its better to treat them very separately as different skills as required for both. To create an effective LinkedIn Marketing campaign you need to know how to do the following:


Perform keyword searches in your industry – use Google keyword planner


Write powerful headlines relevent to the audience with calls to action


Set up customised Google Analytic’s reporting and UTM Codes


Use an email marketing platform such as MailChimp or Constant Contact

You also need to commit to your activity on a daily bases – consistency is the key. If you don’t have the resources in house to cover all of this then we can help you market your business very effectively on LinkedIn leaving you to focus your LinkedIn activity on direct engagement and sales.

A lot of my clients have recently asked me for some top LinkedIn Marketing tips. My latest article covers some of the biggest LinkedIn marketing mistakes people make.

LinkedIn Marketing Mistake: 1 No Content Plan or Strategy

Jumping onto LinkedIn and posting content, updates and articles with no real idea of how the audience is or direction will simply add to the already huge amount of “noise” already out there! OK most of us have made this mistake including myself – the results will be minimal. An effective Content Marketing plan that covers the following is critical:


A clear understanding of the target audiences, their motivations and buying triggers


Content type: Informational, Trust Building, Sales, Call to Action, or Currated


Business objectives – what is the over all objective for the marketing? It should be something ore then just selling products | services

LinkedIn Marketing Mistake: 2 Not Using Keywords

Help LinkedIn help you by adding in your keywords to all of your content, company page and personal profiles associated with your business. If you can do this effectively LinkedIn can then reference all of your content and display it when your market searches for it. There are a huge number of keyword search tools out there. The best free ones Include:


The Google Keyword Planner – Its not the best tool (in my opinion) its free to use however


Google Trends – this is a great FREE tool to explore your keywords and check popularity over time in different locations


Uber Suggest   – Probably the best free keyword research tool out there at the moment check it out

The avoid your LinkedIn marketing mistakes always try to create content that your target market is already searching for – and use the keywords in the title so it can be found!

LinkedIn Marketing Mistake: 3 Posting Meaningless Content

As mentioned LinkedIn like every other social media platform is awash with nose! Posting content with a powerful and keyworded headline and description will just add to it. To get good results from posting updates try the following:


Always remove the original URL once the post shows up – its not needed and it looks messy


Add in a description that’s directly relevant to the audience and the post – use your own language


Always make sure use keywords in your titles where possible this will really help with engagement

Posting an update like the one below will likely go unnoticed

LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes

Once you have added the link you can then remove it and add in a keyword rich title and description that is customised to the audience. As shown below

LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes

In the above example I have used the keywords “Free LinkedIn Training for Recruiters” within a LinkedIn group for Recruiters.

LinkedIn Marketing Mistake: 4 Using LinkedIn to Mass Message

LinkedIn is not designed for automation; in fact, they do everything to make this as difficult as possible. You can’t personalise any messages or get any reporting on the success of your messages.

The best approach is to use LinkedIn to build your contacts then export your contacts off LinkedIn and use an automated emailing platform that is fit for purpose like MailChimp

How to export your LinkedIn contacts

It’s simple!

LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes

If you have a team using LinkedIn, then you can ask them all to export their contacts (minus their personal contacts) and send them to you to add to the overall marketing campaign. Some of the biggest LinkedIn marketing mistakes occur when you try to do everything within LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing Mistake: 5 Not Testing, Measuring & Optimising

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.John Wanamaker

That famous quote is simply no longer true – if you cant track, test, measure and optimise the content you are adding to LinkedIn you will NEVER succeed!

Use Google Analytics to test and measure

The best part of digital marketing theses day is you can test and measure every update you send out to see which ones get the best responses. Then with the data you can then start to optimise your posts much better.  To get the best results do the following:


Set up customised Google analytics reports just for your LinkedIn activity


Utilise UTM Tracking codes on all URLs for more accurate results


Review your statistics regularly and compare with other activities

The impact LinkedIn Marketing mistakes are normally reduced when the correct testing and measuring is in place

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