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4 Nov 2016

Top Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn

Social selling on LinkedIn? what does that really mean? LinkedIn has the potential to boost your sales and increase your brand awareness when set up and used properly.

Before you can really start to use LinkedIn for social selling do make sure your LinkedIn profile is set up right first. There are lots of ways you can use LinkedIn for generating sales. Social selling is a more recent term and often described as a “softer approach” When it comes to LinkedIn, much of the social selling power is within the groups. LinkedIn groups have been shown to be valuable as a marketing tool and the number of active users within these groups continues to grow.

As I have discussed previously in another blog post How to use LinkedIn Groups, being a member of various LinkedIn groups is a great way to get yourself known and to promote the products or services of your business. Groups are the perfect place for professionals to come together and share information.

Steps to Success with Social Selling on LinkedIn

Arguably the first step in using groups for social selling on LinkedIn is of course to join these groups. But the real first step is to become an active member of the groups you have joined and to participate in relevant conversations. Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and engage with like-minded individuals.

There is no benefit to belonging to a large number of LinkedIn groups and not having the time to be active in all of them. Instead, find a small number if groups with a large number of members and get involved in those! When you are choosing which groups to join, opt for those which contain the people who form your target market. Take the time to do your research effectively when it comes to this to maximise your efforts.

Creating your own group is another great method of social selling on LinkedIn. Although you can use this group to promote your own products or services, you should also post other useful and relevant information to keep your followers engaged and interested. You can bring followers to this group through your other social channels and via email marketing, as well as sharing it directly with LinkedIn users. As your followers grow, so too should your potential for lead generation from this group.
Succeeding with sales on LinkedIn requires a balanced combination of reputation and activity. Even if you spend many hours engaging with others on LinkedIn every day, if you do not have a good reputation then your efforts could be for nothing. Make sure that your other social profiles are up to date and managed well. It also pays to make sure that you take steps to make sure no negative comments or content appear about your business online.

Your personal LinkedIn profile is where the majority of people will check you out before they commit to doing business with you. Ensuring that your profile is well optimised and full of insightful information about you and your business will be essential.

Having a selection of positive recommendations, from past and present clients and co-workers, will also help to boost your reputation and promote you as a valuable person to do business with.

Social selling on LinkedIn is certainly no get-rich-quick activity and you will have to put the effort in if you want to yield results.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index

LinkedIn have recently introduced a way you can measure your “social selling performance” its well worth checking out your current Social Selling Index  Score

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