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3 Nov 2016

Using LinkedIn for Sales

Using LinkedIn for Sales – Top LinkedIn Tips  

“I’ve tried using LinkedIn for sales, and I have never sold anything from it!”

I hear this all the time! – The reason is very simple – your will NEVER sell anything on LinkedIn. It’s a terrible tool for selling!

Selling in today’s word can be a challenge just about every market imaginable is saturated with sales messages, and marketing material. Anyone can now hit any market through the power of online marketing and they sure do! The chances are from the moment your market wakes up they are hit from every angle! Their inbox is full of messages, social media? More like “sell at you” media these days!

Have you ever accepted a connection from someone you don’t know? – Only then to receive a generic sales script about how amazing their services are with wait for it…. a link to their website! – I wager you simply ignore the message and probably all future messages from that person. Right?

Using LinkedIn for SalesThe challenge with LinkedIn is NOT finding, and connecting with the top people – Its getting meaningful ENGAGEMENT from them.

I work with a lot of Sales teams and I always focus on the “LinkedIn Rules of Engagement” which I would like to share with you:

  • Never connect and pitch you services – Never, never , never do this – there is no relationship or trust there
  • Ask permission to send an invitation to connect when possible – this will normally start off the engagement process
  • Use the Information on their profile to form a personal approach that is about what important to them (its not about you) – if its in their summary its important to them
  • Use comparisons when talking about what you do – for example I recently helped someone very similar to you (or business) achieve this, this and this
  • Always be super positive “I hope your week is going fantastic so far” is a nice way to start
  • Have fun be a human not a machine – the person your connecting with is also human and humans buy humans not products or services first

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