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Who Viewed My LinkedIn Profile?
4 Nov 2016

Who viewed my LinkedIn Profile?

A great way to generate leads from LinkedIn – this is how

Who viewed my LinkedIn profile? Is a great way to generate interest and opportunities with people in your target market for the following reasons:

The person might have found your profile by searching for specific skills you offer
Its simple and easy – the work has been done for you all need to do is ask a simple question
Efficient – Happens with minimal effort on your side (once set up) just check your views once a week
The key is to build the foundation and then just sit back and just let it happen! This is how to make full use of the who viewed my LinkedIn profile? function in four easy steps:
Step 1 – Go LinkedIn Premium

Yes, unfortunately this will not work very well unless you invest in the LinkedIn premium version. This is because you will need the following:

Unlimited advanced searching – the free version limits the number of searches you can do per month
Full visibility for profile views – this is the key part (not shown on the free version)
LinkedIn InMails – not my favorite way to message people but its what you need for this!
The good news is you only need the lowest version of the premium package and you also get a months free trial – you only need the LinkedIn Business Plus version at £39.99 (+VAT) per month.
Step 2 – Optimise your profile

Help LinkedIn help you – If LinkedIn is not sure what you do then you wont rank well when people search for your skills and experience. For a complete guide to optimising your LinkedIn profile check out my previous post on Great LinkedIn Profiles.

My best tip to optimise your profile, so that you can rank higher than other people in your market, is to make your key skills the first words on your profile, so for example:

If you offer Commercial Insurance to businesses then make those keywords the first words on your profile by starting your professional headline like this:

Commercial Insurance ► [Your Value to your Target Market + More Keywords]
Just that action alone will increase your profile views as LinkedIn will rank you higher for those keywords. To optimise further make sure you also add your keywords to your job title.

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Step 3 – Go Autopilot! “who view my LinkedIn Profile?” to the max!

Autopilot is a great little Google Chrome extension that will automatically visit up to 400 profiles of your choice each day – check it out they offer a free 2-week trial!

The other way to do it is to commit to viewing at least 50 new profiles from people in your target market per day. This might sound like a lot but it will take you around 20 minutes to complete. In order to do this properly you need to understand how to use the Advanced search feature, which I cover extensively in my free LinkedIn training for Sales video.

It is also best to stick to profiles in your 2nd line if you can as you already have mutual contacts in common. Another great tip is to just search for people within groups you have joined. That way you can send them a personal message via groups instead of using up your InMails. To find out how to send personal message via groups check out this article.

Step 4 – Send a simple message using InMails | group messaging

After running a series of profile views check back in a few days using the “who’s viewed my profile” option form your profile – if you have done the first steps right you should see a decent number of potential clients viewing you back – the question is WHY?

The answer is because they have seen something of interest on your profile – it might be the trigger you need to start a big relationship with a key client – at the very least it’s certainly worth following up.

I don’t recommend try to connect at this stage – its best to buy them a drink first!

Send them a simple InMail | group message asking if you can help them in any way – or you could offer them a next step a little bit like the example below

Who Viewed My LinkedIn Profile?

To be super time efficient create searches with contacts from the same industry and back ground that way your message format can be similar each time.

Who viewed my LinkedIn Profile? is a really simple way to generate new leads from LinkedIn.

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